4 Office Fit-Out Ideas for Small Workspaces

Is your office space feeling cramped, cluttered or small?

If you have a small office space however and are looking to maximise every square inch, having an office fit out can be an excellent option, especially if moving or upsizing is not in the budget just yet.

When it comes to planning an office fit out in a smaller space, there are some tips and tricks you can follow that can help to not only maximise every inch but also create the illusion of more space.

Here are 4 office fit out ideas to consider when dealing with a small space-

1) Choose Light Neutral Colours

One of the easiest ways to create the illusion of more space is to use lighter colours that are clean, cool and crisp. These include neutrals, whites and pale blues or greens. Darker or warmer colours can give spaces more of a cosy feel, which can be great in a larger space but not so great in a smaller space. Darker colours can also create more of a cramped feel, so they are best to be avoided when choosing your colour scheme. Textured walls and patterns can also create a more “cosy” feel so these are also best avoided when dealing with a small space.

2) Clear the Clutter  
One of the most important things to consider before staging your office fit out is what is truly necessary in your space. Over the years it is likely that your business has collected files, paperwork and other things that are really no longer necessary. A good way to start with the decluttering process is to work out what you really need in your space. Once you have established what is truly important, it will be easier to clear away what is no longer necessary.  When planning your office fit out, having a list of what is needed will also help you to prioritise the layout and design of your space.

3) Choose Multifunctional Furniture 

When space is of the essence, having big, bulky furniture that doesn’t serve multiple purposes is best to be avoided. In order to maximise the space, it is best to use multifunctional furniture that can serve a variety of purposes and functions. Having furniture that is flexible and easy to move around the space is also a great way to maximise space.

4) Use Lighting to Limit Shadows

Another helpful tip to create the illusion of more space is through lighting. When your office space is well lit it helps to create an open, airy feel and can also make your workplace more inviting. The trick with this is to have ample lighting to limit shadows and any dark spots. To do this you need to have lighting on all three levels- eye level, floor level and table level. By doing this, it will help to keep your office space looking open and bright.

By following these 4 simple tips, your small office space will not only be functional and practical but also extremely spacious.