5 Affordable Design Hacks for Small Retail Spaces

Small retail spaces can be cosy and exclusive but they can also be difficult to organise.

When it comes to your retail space, your layout is everything and can heavily impact on your sales, customer satisfaction rates and so much more.

If you are struggling to organise your small retail space, here are 5 affordable hacks that you can implement –

Hack #1 Have an Accent Wall

When you have a small retail space, the last thing you want to do is use a lot of bold colours along the walls. This can create a “boxed-in” feeling and can make your retail space feel cramped. Instead, consider using white, neutral colours on all of the walls except one. By having one accent wall in a bold colour, it can create the illusion of more space and it can become an eye catching feature of your store. While paint is a great and affordable option, using coloured wallpaper with different textures can also create the same affect.

Hack #2 Display Items Vertically

If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, displaying items vertically and along the walls can be a great way to get around this. The best way to achieve this look without creating a cluttered appearance is to hang shelving at different height levels. This not only allows you more display space but it also creates a visually appealing look.

Hack #3 Have Organised Storage Space

In a small space it can be tempting to crowd all of your merchandise onto one shelf, but this can detract your customers and make your space look even smaller. To counteract this, consider limiting the number of items you keep on display and only refill your stock when you need to. If your store doesn’t have a storeroom, keeping a small organised storage unit under the register is also a good solution. By having an effective storage system, it can help your store to remain clutter free and organised.

Hack #4 Make Use of Lighting

Lighting is a great way to create the illusion of more space and can instantly add an open, airy feel to your store. For the best results, consider using a combination of different lighting such as natural light, lamps, track lights and sconces. By varying the lighting in your store, it can help to create a spacious feeling and as a bonus, it also provides a nice decorative touch.

Hack #5 Use Open Bookcases as Dividers

Dividers may seem like a great way to organise your store but they can also make your smaller space feel even smaller. To work around this, consider using open bookcases as dividers instead. These not only allow you more storage space, but they also create a more open and expansive feel. Using bookcases instead of permanent dividers is also much more affordable and allows for greater flexibility as well.

These 5 hacks are simple, yet they can have a profound impact when it comes to creating more space in your retail store.