Breakout Area Fitouts

Acacia Group is one of Australia’s most successful interior design companies with a longstanding history of excellence. We specialise in office fitout and refurbishment of business spaces, ranging from hospitality to retail and offices. We have been in business since 1984 and have been growing ever since, not only economically but also in terms of customer service.

The reason why our customers keep returning to Acacia Group with their design needs is that we always put them first. We make it a priority to visit all the premises we work on and to talk our clients through the whole process from layout planning to art selection.

Our design experts have over three decades of experience designing beautiful yet practical office spaces. We know that design is more than comfortable chairs and pretty wallpaper and this has never been truer than in the busy business environment of the 21st century. Long gone are huge offices with depressing cubicles and no areas to interact and innovate. Business owners have long discovered that a mixture of private offices, well structured open plan working areas and recreation spaces are needed to create the perfect working environment for their employees.

One of the most popular modern developments in office design, are breakout areas. These are areas where employees can go to take a little break from working in front of the screen, where they can eat their lunch or a quick snack and also to hold informal meetings. Most modern businesses now provide breakout areas for their employees as they have shown to encourage the exchange of ideas and talent and overall innovation and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, they have proven very successful from a health and safety point of view as they make it easy and comfortable for employees to take their recommended amount of breaks.

More and more businesses are commissioning breakout area fitouts in Sydneyoffices and the size of the available office space doesn’t play a big role here, so all businesses can profit. By using operable wall systems our experts can create flexible spaces even in small offices. Obviously there are many details that have to be taken into account, from noise pollution to the right type of furniture. By carefully designing the layout of the breakout area one can avoid noise pollution and create a comfortable space for both employees and customers. It is preferable to offer a range of different furniture, different seating options for eating and for relaxing for example. We carry a wide range of furniture along with fittings and fixtures. We will create a colour scheme for your breakout area that is stimulating and comfortable and that your employees will love.

Our design teams have carried out many breakout area fitouts Canberra businesses owners were proud of. If you would also like to create a special space for your employees, call 1800 551 225 to talk to our designers.