Call Centre Fitouts

With a longstanding history of proven excellence in design, Acacia Group is one of the leading design agencies in Australia. We specialise on all types of commercial fitouts and since opening our doors in 1984 we have created a large portfolio of design work ranging from chic bars, to large office complexes and many other business spaces.

To us it doesn’t matter if you have a small café with only a hand full of employees or run a business with hundreds of employees and multiple offices. What makes us special is that we treat every client with the respect and attention they deserve.

Before commencing with any plans we will arrange a meeting and talk about every aspect of the design with you. This way we can guarantee that we understand the project completely. We can maximise any space and always find creative solutions to all challenges faced.

One of our main areas of expertise is fitting out office spaces and we have three decades of training and experience backing our interior design specialists. We have specialised over the years in niche businesses, one of which is the refurbishment and fitout of call centres. There is a growing need for call centre support around the world and in Australia therefore efficient and well-designed call centres are in high demand.

If you want to talk about your call centres’ fitouts in Canberra or any other Australian city we can help you out. We carry a large range of office furniture that is both stylish and visually pleasing as well as ergonomic to make sure your staff gets as much support as possible. Our designers make sure to pay attention to aspects like lighting and acoustics that play a big role in the design of any call centre.

By incorporating room dividers and screen systems we can guarantee to offer your employees the privacy they need while still ensuring an open office plan feeling. In all our layouts we take into account heating/cooling as well as environmental efficiency and ventilation to create a comfortable workspace. We will always plan a custom package design that we can align with your businesses colour scheme and logo if desired.

We supply many beautiful fabrics of high quality and matching materials and fittings to create a comfortable yet not distracting atmosphere to work in.

We have carried out many call centres’ fitouts Sydney business owners were proud of over the years and we can help you with your design today. To talk to one of our designers call Acacia Group on 1800 551 225 today to discuss your call centre. We will arrange a meeting soon and will create a plan for you with initial design ideas and suggestions, completely free of charge.