Custom built joinery

The Acaccia group is one of the most sought after interior design companies in Australia. We specialise in custom made fitouts and refurbishments of business spaces. No matter if you have a small café, a Michellin starred restaurant or an office space you wish to fit-out, our experts have over three decades of experience. Since we opened our doors in 1984, we have helped business owners all over the country to create the perfect atmosphere at their place of work.

What makes Acacia Group stand out from the crowd is our attention to our client’s every need and requirement. We understand how crucial it is to listen carefully in order to fully comprehend all requirements and challenges of a project. Our designers make it a priority to visit your premises before drawing up any initial plans. This way we can guarantee that we are aware of the everyday workings of your business and can pinpoint certain areas in need of improvements.

We always prepare custom tailored packages for every client. No matter how small our large your premises we will provide you with a design which is not only beautiful but also efficient and flexible. Part of the reason why we are so successful in interior design is that we offer custom built joinery alongside our large range of furniture and fittings.

Every space is different and we know that the same principles and furniture cannot be applied to a small quirky café as to a large open plan office space. That’s why we have been using custom built joinery in Sydney business fit-outs for more than three decades, to guarantee a 100% custom look and space maximisation. We will incorporate all storage requirements into our design plan, to make sure we use all the space effectively. Our superb craftsmanship can be seen in every detail, be it lighting, or the incorporation of all required modern technology. We understand the ever-changing nature of today’s business world and what works today might be out-dated soon. By using custom built joinery in Canberra business spaces, our design specialists make sure to create customised but highly flexible workspaces that allow the design to develop with your business and stay relevant in the future.

Obviously we will incorporate your desired colour schemes and we supply a wide range of high quality fabrics and materials. We will set the right tone for your business to make sure both your customers and employees feel comfortable. We can also supply artwork to match your brand and image and to round off the perfect design.

If your business is in need of a design overhaul or a complete refurbishment call Acacia Group’s experts today for free on 1800 551 225. We will visit your business and draw up some plans for your design.