How Your Office Design Can Communicate Power and Strength

The layout and design of your office speaks volumes about your brand and the type of business that you run.

Even though we know we should never judge a book by its cover, the minute your customers, clients or employees walk through your office doors they are making observations about the type of business that you run.

No matter what accolades you have or trophies you have acquired, if your office is cluttered, messy and disorganised, it is likely that you are going to turn prospective customers and employees away.

While keeping your office clean is fairly obvious, did you know that you can also use the layout and design of your space to convey emotions like power and strength?

Just like a massage parlour may convey feelings of serenity and peace with water fountains and relaxing music, your office environment can adopt this same concept to instil a feeling of strength and power.

Here’s how-

1.) Favour Industrial Design
Industrial design is a huge trend in office design right now and includes high, open ceilings, exposed brick and a combination of metal and wood. This style is not only fashionable, but it also helps to convey feelings of power and strength. Psychologically, seeing exposed building materials conveys the message of “hardwork” and helps to portray that your office is honest and down to earth.

2.) Allow Natural Light
Having natural light in a workplace has been shown to enhance feelings of productivity and happiness. And of course, there is nothing more powerful than seeing a productive and happy work place environment.

Artificial and fluorescent lights can also be very draining and can convey a “stuffy” feeling. If your building doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, placing plants and other greenery in the space can help to counteract this. Just make sure to keep the plants alive and healthy looking, as dying plants definitely do not help to indicate strength and power!

3.) Present Accolades/Certificates-
If your business has won awards, trophies or certificates, consider making a stylish display cabinet that is visible for clients and customers when they enter your office space. By showcasing your many successes, it helps to promote the strength and power of your brand. It can also help potential customers and clients to get excited about working with your company as well.

Many doctors and medical professionals use this technique, and seeing their certificates on the wall definitely helps to put the patients mind at ease.

4.) Use Strong Colours
Colour can have a powerful effect on our mood and the way we think. Using strong colours like grey, dark green, red, orange and even gold helps to convey power and strength in the office space.

Choose a colour palette that works the best for your brand and compliments your logo. By doing so, you can help to create an organised and professional looking office space that instantly conveys the feeling of confidence, power and strength.