Meeting Room Fitouts

With a tradition of over three decades, Acacia Group is one of Australia’s leading design companies. We have a strong focus on the interior design of commercial properties. Since our establishment in 1984 we have built up an impressive client portfolio that includes projects from different sectors including retail, hospitality and office projects. Our design experts always strive to deliver the highest quality and we are constantly growing in excellence and customer satisfaction.

The reason Acacia Group differs from other design agencies is that we grasp the importance of really understanding a project. Whenever we start a new project we take time to listen to our client’s needs and wishes. But we also make it a priority to visit the premises before any design ideas are mapped out. This way we can make sure we understand your business, as all businesses are different. We always create tailored, highly customised packages and no two of our designs are ever the same.

Over the decades we have gained a lot of experience in the refurbishment and fitouts of office spaces. We know the modern business world well and are able to incorporate important aspects like efficiency and technology into our designs. One area in which our design experts stand out especially lies in fitouts of meeting rooms and boardrooms. In our fast-paced working world it is imperative to stay up to date with latest technology and design trends.

This is why many clients approach us with the wish to update their current meeting rooms. We have undertaken multiple meeting room fitouts Sydneybusinesses benefitted from, as we were able to make their meetings more efficient and effective.

Nowadays we have to take into account that many meetings are carried out with some of the participants working from offices abroad. Therefore we incorporate the newest audio-visual technology into our meeting room designs. We make sure that all designs are flexible enough however to meet the requirements of ever-evolving technology. Therefore your meeting room will be able to withstand the test of time and grow with your business.

We carry a large stock of elegant and ergonomic office and executive furniture and have carried out meeting room fitouts in Canberra and other Australian cities where we incorporated beautiful pieces of art to round off the design. We provide high quality fabrics and materials and can set the right tone in your office and meeting room. If desired we can align the design with your company’s colours and logo.

If you have a meeting room in your business that is out-dated and in need of some fresh design ideas, please call Acacia Group’s design specialists for free on 1800 551 225. We will visit your meeting room and together we will draw up a design plan that suits your requirements perfectly.