Office Design

We at Acacia Projects are an established specialist of fitouts and interior design projects for restaurants, shops and offices. We are an entirely family-run and owned organisation and have been providing excellent workmanship nationwide for more than three decades. Our customers keep on returning to Acacia group with their interior projects because we offer the highest standards of customer service and support.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is the attention to detail which all of our design experts and crafters pride themselves on. We will always give one hundred per cent to make sure we understand all of our customer’s needs and wishes before commencing with a project.

Our designers will always visit your business premises personally to inspect the space and understand all the priorities and possible challenges.

We have intensive experience with office design in Sydney, having helped many local businesses of all sizes to improve their working environments. We offer tailor made custom packages that fit every client’s exact needs, from office refurbishments to partial or full interior overhauls.

In addition we provide a large range of stylish and chic fixtures, fittings and office furniture to emphasize the customer’s brand theme. We can cater to any taste and will create fit-outs that set the right tone for any space, from open plan spaces to board and meeting rooms.

For many years the importance of an inviting and visually appealing workspace has been neglected in businesses all over the world. But in recent years it has become more and more recognised that an appealing and comfortable workspace, which is flexible and designed to a company’s specific needs, can not only improve employee satisfaction and interaction but also overall productivity.

We have designers who specialise in office design in Canberra and all over Australia, ensuring a professional and productive work ambience. By crafting custom made solutions for all your storage and layout requirements, we make sure to not only deliver beautiful but also functional designs. We can create flexible solutions that can grow with your business through time, adapting to the ever-changing needs of a corporate environment.

Our customers’ satisfaction is always our greatest goal and we strive to deliver not only the highest quality but also to cause the least amount of disruption to your running business. We guarantee to support you throughout the whole process and to create office designs you and your employees can be proud of.

If you desire to create a working environment for your employees which is unique and in line with your company’s values and goals then wait no longer and free call us on 1800 551 225. One of our creative consultants will visit your premises to discuss your requirements and create a free design plan.