Office Dividers

Acacia Projects is an interior design and fitout company that has a long and proud history, having operated around Australia since 1984. We specialise in high-end refurbishments and fit-outs of a variety of commercial interior spaces and have worked on office, retail and hospitality projects of all shapes and sizes.

We differ from our competition in that we always aim to deliver projects to the highest standard and to our client’s exact specification and wishes. Not only will our team work very closely with you along every step of the way, we will make sure we understand your every need right from the beginning, by visiting every single premise before starting work on any project.

One of our areas of expertise lies in the design and refurbishment of office premises. We understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment for all employees, a place which invites teamwork, interaction and innovation. It is crucial to have an office that provides all layout and design solutions to support the rapidly changing requirements of today’s hectic work life.

Our interior design team will strive to find the perfect balance of a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing ambiance and an effective and purpose built office fitouts.

We create pleasant work environments by using the classic separate office approach as well as using open or semi-open workspaces that are becoming more and more popular in offices throughout the nation.

In order to provide a feeling of privacy and to improve concentration at the workplace we often use office dividers in Sydney offices. The employee benefits from an open office feeling but can still enjoy the privacy of their own workstation while allowing a steady flow of information and innovation.

By using materials and fabrics of only the highest quality we can guarantee a stylish and elegant finish that will perfectly reflect your company’s image and brand. We carry a wide assortment of chic and comfortable office furniture and the matching fixtures and fittings to complement the look. Our design experts will create the perfect office dividers Canberra employees feel comfortable working with. They are all Australian made, come in a wide range of materials and all have an extremely low environmental footprint. They are flexible and easy to install and compatible with all desk systems allowing your office space to change with your needs and requirements in the future.

Our design experts are thrilled to help you with all your design needs, no matter if for offices, shops or restaurants. If you are in need of an improved atmosphere do call us on 1800 551 225 for free today. We will be happy to arrange an appointment and visit your space in order to start planning and to provide a free preliminary consultation.