Sydney Office Fitouts

That grow your bottom line

Today’s best employees want to see thoughtful office lay-outs, and considerate fittings and features including bike racks, showers, games and groovy communal areas. We design offices with all the latest trends in people-focused workplaces.

Invest in your fitout for a greater return.

Offices can be expensive both in terms of space rented and the fit-out involved. We understand this and work with our clients to ensure that the design can be used as a tool that will help individual employees – and the company as a whole – to work smarter and more efficiently.

A greater number of companies are now focusing on the physical workspace as a key element in their corporate strategy to increase productivity rather than looking at this area as purely an expense.

Why is a people focused office important

Given that people are our biggest asset, it make sense to invest in them. A healthy, happy workforce is a vital component of a productive, successful business in the long-term. It’s been proven that morale and productivity suffer in an uninspiring environment.

The change of scenery provided by a professionally designed office could be just what’s required to turn your workforce into a happy, productive team. Small differences can have a large effect.

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What others have to say

"Acacia went the extra mile to ensure that our
works were completed on time and with
minimum disruption to staff."

− Royal College of Nursing, Australia

"We have been very impressed with your service. Thank you for your assistance."

− St Peter & Paul School

"Our office came together nicely, and we didn’t feel at any time we were being hurried to make decisions."

− Paper Monkey Graphic Design

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