Office Layout

Acacia Projects is one of Australia’s foremost design agencies, focusing mainly on the interior fit-out and refurbishment of business premises. Be it cafes, shops or offices, our design experts have over 30 years experience in creating beautiful and functional spaces.

The difference between Acacia Group and other interior design companies is the level of customer service we offer to all of our clients. No matter how big or small the job is we will always be at your side throughout the whole design and construction process. That is the reason why our business is constantly growing and so is our customer satisfaction feedback.

Our design experts always visit the premises before starting a project so they can observe your day-to-day workings and can help define your requirements and possible challenges to the project.

One of our areas of expertise lies in the design of elegant, comfortable and functional office spaces. At Acacia Group our designers understand that great design is not only a matter of choosing pretty colours and office furniture – it goes much deeper than that. In the 21st century’s hectic business world it is imperative that an office space provides more than just a simple space to work in. The latest technology will always be taken into account and incorporated into our designs, as we know how important it is nowadays to stay connected and mobile.

A combination of different working spaces, like open plan offices and multifunctional common and meeting rooms, can improve employee interaction and increase teamwork. It has been proven that a cleverly designed office can encourage the exchange of ideas, innovation and overall productivity. This increased productivity will certainly benefit your employees and can result in the growth of your company.

At the centre of every good design lies a great layout plan. Our experts will create a custom tailored office layout for Canberra offices and businesses nationwide. We will always find the perfect solution for storage, accessibility and all other requirements. Of course we will implement perfect lighting, heating/cooling and ventilation to ensure financial and environmental efficiency. We carry a large range of stylish materials and fabrics and will create a colour scheme that works with your businesses’ brand, image and values. By matching fabrics with our high quality fixtures and fittings and selecting the ideal office furniture we can create any atmosphere you might desire, from chic and elegant to modern and quirky.

If you need help with an office layout, our Sydney design experts are always available to advise you and to visit your premises. You can call Acacia Group for free on 1800 551 225 and make an appointment with one of our designers. We will create a custom made initial design and layout plan and will walk you through every step of your refurbishment or fit-out.