Office Space Planning

We are one of the leading design agencies in Australia, specialising in commercial spaces. The Acacia Group has been committed to helping businesses nationwide achieve an atmosphere that is not only inviting to customers but also a healthy and inspiring environment for their employees.

We are an entirely family run and owned business with a longstanding tradition of providing our customers with fitouts and refurbishments of only the highest quality. We have over 30 years of experience in transforming retail, hospitality and office spaces nationwide.

What separates us from the multitude of interior design companies in Australia is our on-going commitment to our customers, supporting them in every step of the way from design conception to the finished work.

Our team understands the importance of developing detailed plans before commencing any work on an office space. This ensures that our customer’s wishes are fully understood and all requirements can be fully taken into account. Before commencing with any office space planning projects in Sydney, our design experts will visit the premises personally to observe every day operations.

We believe that a well-planned and designed office space must take into account not only the corporate image but also the overall atmosphere one wishes to create for employees and customers. Our design teams have shown over the years that through careful office space planning, Canberra businesses can improve in productivity and efficiency. By creating open plan office spaces one allows the free flow of ideas and increases team-working opportunities. We will always strive to hit the right balance between open spaces and more private areas to make sure every situation is catered for.

We understand the importance of correct lighting as well as professional heating and cooling systems and their impact on work efficiency and comfort. We take into account layouts, partitions and air flow to ensure the best efficiency from a financial and environmental stand point.

We carry a large variety of beautiful fabrics and furnishings of excellent quality that can all be combined and customised to set the perfect tone in meeting rooms, boardrooms and large space offices. We stock a range of elegant office furniture and fittings which are all durable, ergonomically designed and have a low environmental impact. By using carefully balanced colour schemes we can help to convey the right ambiance in line with a company’s logo, brand and values. We create stylish and modern workspaces that both the business owners and employees will feel comfortable in and proud of.

If you are in the early stages of planning your new or existing office space and are in need of expert advice just call Acacia Group’s interior design specialists on 1800 551 225. We will arrange to visit your office and take the time to talk you through our free initial plans.