Office Workstations

The Acacia Group is an established design company specialising in corporate spaces. We have been helping our clients for over 30 years to achieve outstanding and innovative designs for their retail, hospitality and office spaces.

We offer custom packages for fitouts and refurbishments of your office space. Over the years our business has grown along with our superb customer satisfaction reports. We stand out from the crowd because the customer’s needs and wishes always come first.

In today’s fast paced business world, it is hard to always be on top of all new developments and improvements. Ever changing technology requirements make it easy to be left behind. Our design experts will make sure that your office will not only be completely up to date with modern innovation but also flexible enough to grow with your company over the years. Long gone are the days of impersonal cubicles as business owners all over Australia now understand the importance of intelligently designed spaces that allow a constant exchange of ideas and talent. Employee satisfaction and productivity can be dramatically increased, by implementing a mix of different workspaces.

Striking the balance between open plan workspaces, team-working areas and recreational seating spaces will encourage employees to interact with a much wider range of colleagues compared to more traditional private office and cubicle layouts.

Our designers will create custom tailored office workstations Sydney employees will feel comfortable and inspired in. We supply a wide range of high quality furniture fittings and office furniture that will convey the perfect atmosphere for every single working area. By using clever colour schemes in combination with elegant fabrics and materials we can set the right tone in alignment with your company’s image and brand. Your customers will be just as impressed as your employees.

All our workstations are highly flexible and are ergonomically designed. We consider your ventilation, heating and cooling needs as well as the importance acoustics play in any working environment. All the office workstations we install in Canberra businesses are designed to improve efficiency by taking into account not only layout but also storage, power and data solutions, while ensuring an elegant overall design. Our customers can choose from a range of desk systems, seating options, operable and sound rated walls that are all compatible with each other, so the possibilities are endless. Our furniture is made in Australia and of the highest quality and with a low environmental impact.

Is your business in need of a breath of fresh air or a complete overhaul? Are your workstations out dated and hinder teamwork and innovation? If so, contact Acacia Group today for free on 1800 551 225 to speak to one of our design specialists. They will visit your office space to observe your needs and requirements and will happily prepare an initial design plan for your business.