Giving Back

Due to inequalities in many spheres of life, there is always someone needing some kind of help. Often, no one can pin point to the best time to donate to others. Continuous charitable donations have contributed to the alleviation of need, suffering and sorrow of others whether known or not to the donors. Ideally, donations serve as an attempt to correcting social and environmental problems that lead to inequalities.

The underlying purpose is to improve the life and living conditions of people and creatures. All of these are associated with the act of giving regardless of whether it is a small act of generosity from a stranger, or concerted effort by big institutions to alleviate poverty.

It is evident that charity is uniquely supported beyond the barriers of location, religion, culture, social setup and even politics that are prevalent in many other aspects of life.

Acacia Projects has taken the opportunity to support a number of charities, including:

  • Australian Red Cross
  • CareFlight
  • RRT (drought relief)
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia