Room Dividers

Acacia Group is one of Australia’s best-known and most highly respected interior design companies. Our areas of expertise are refurbishments and fitouts of commercial interiors. We were established in 1984 and have since built up an impressive client portfolio including designs for bars, restaurants, shops and offices.

Acacia Group is special because for us the client’s needs are always top priority. Unlike many other design agencies we don’t try to get our own image and brand across but we put our clients wishes and inspiration first. This way we guarantee to convey the desired ambiance and set the perfect tone in alignment with our clients’ businesses.

We understand that outstanding interior design is so much more than just a pretty colour palette and some stylish furniture. We take into account the layout of the premises, all necessary health and safety requirements, storage solutions and more. Our experts have decades of experience in creating modern, functional workspaces that won’t be out-dated again in a few years time. We believe that by building in as much flexibility as possible a design will last longer and stay relevant in the future. We always visit the premises to get a better understanding of the layout and specific challenges that arise with every project. By observing your operations we can make sure we find the perfect solutions to make your business more efficient and productive.

In order to create a high level of flexibility we carry a large range of room dividers. If used cleverly, room dividers can transform any open office or restaurant space into an interesting multipurpose space. By separating areas from each other one can create relaxation areas for employees or more private areas for quiet business lunches in a restaurant for example.

The room dividers Canberra offices have profited from most in the past have all been customised to match the furniture and fittings and to create a comfortable workspace. We offer a wide range of classy and stylish fabrics and materials to create an elegant look that represents your brand and image.

By installing room dividers in Sydney offices we have managed to create workspaces that allow employees to find the privacy and undisturbed atmosphere they desire while still providing an open plan feeling that encourages teamwork and the exchange of ideas.

Of course we don’t neglect overall efficiency and we plan the layouts carefully to avoid noise pollution and allow ventilation and efficient heating/cooling of any space.

If you are in need of a refurbishment or office fitout, please contact our advisors on 1800 551 225 today to talk about your design. We will make an appointment to visit you and to draw up your initial plans. We can incorporate any type of room dividers into your design to maximise space and flexibility.