Space Planning

With experience in interior design for over three decades, the Acacia Group is one of Australia’s leading design companies. Our speciality lies in fitouts and refurbishments of commercial interiors. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to create a perfect environment for their valued customers and employees.

What sets Acacia Group apart from the many interior design companies operating in Australia today is the degree of attention we pay to our customers. Before taking on any project we will always visit our customer’s business premises. This way we can ensure that we understand every business, not only on paper but how it operates everyday. We will take the time to talk to our clients about their specific requirements, from storage to accessibility and health and safety issues. Our design experts will walk you through the whole planning process and will give you on-going support throughout.

We understand that every single space and every single business is different and we will therefore always create custom made packages tailored to your exact requirements. Obviously, large open plan office spaces will need to be approached very differently than small cafes of retails spaces. Through careful space planning, Sydney businesses can ensure that every square metre of their premise is used efficiently and that no space is wasted.

By implementing intelligent space planning for a retail or café space for example, one doesn’t only improve the overall look of a business but can also improve productivity and increase sales. Storage and counter space will always be taken into account.

We carry a very large range of furniture, fixtures and fittings and will create a flexible space that can grow with your business over time. We understand today’s fast-paced business world and the role technology plays in it. Therefore we will use the latest technology to make sure all our designs are up to date and can cope with the ever-changing nature of business.

By selecting the perfect colour scheme in line with your brand logo and image we can set the right tone for your office, retail of hospitality space. We will select a combination of elegant fabrics and materials that are all of highest quality. Design isn’t only about colours and fabrics though, and we can supply matching artwork that will create a special atmosphere.

We have many decades of experience in space planning for Canberra businesses and nationwide. No matter if your business is in need of a partial or full office fitout or refurbishment or even if you are moving to completely new premises, please get in touch with our design experts today. You can simply call 1800 551 225 for free and our team will make an appointment to visit your premises soon and discuss your wishes and needs. We will prepare an initial design folder with ideas and suggestions for your business.