Training Room Fitouts

Acacia Group is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected interior design companies with a long history of providing outstanding design and customer service. Our main area of expertise lies in the fitouts and refurbishments of office spaces, as well as retail and hospitality spaces. We have over 31 years of proven experience in design of commercial interiors. Since our establishment in 1984 we have prided ourselves in providing not only outstanding designs but also customer satisfaction.

The reason our clients love working with Acacia Group is that we put special emphasis on listening to their needs. It is not enough to just visit their premises but we also make sure to talk to current employees and to observe every day business in order to locate areas for potential improvement.

We carry out full and partial refurbishments and office fitouts of new premises. One of the fastest growing areas in which our design expertise is needed is the fitout of training rooms. Our modern business world is so fast paced and hectic that training has to be provided to employees on an on-going basis. Many companies desire to carry out their training in house and therefore require adequate training rooms to cater for this need. We have many decades of experience in this area and over the years have built up an outstanding portfolio of different custom tailored training room fitouts in Sydney and other Australian business hubs.

We can incorporate the latest technology such as tablets, laptop computers and desktops into our desk designs. We pay special attention to ergonomics, as employees will have to spend extensive periods of time in the training rooms. In training room fitouts in Canberra we have successfully incorporated different desk types and room dividers in order to create a more efficient and flexible design that can be used for training groups of various sizes.

Our specialist designers always take into account efficiency both space wise and from an environmental viewpoint. Heating and cooling, efficient lighting and power supplies are taken into account whenever we are planning a new training room. Obviously we incorporate space for projectors and screens as well and we supply a large range of ergonomic and comfortable office furniture. We can incorporate your company’s logo and colour scheme if you wish. All our fabrics are of high quality and we supply a large range of room dividers and operable walls to maximise space and create flexibility.

In order to talk to one of our design experts about your training room fitout or office refurbishment just call us today on 1800 551 225. We will happily come up with a free design plan and will arrange a meeting with you at your closest convenient time to discuss your wishes and needs.